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From "JUICE Magazine"

The interview was with Jack and Meg White of The White Stripes, concerning their new album, Icky Thump. Let's hope the issue of the following quotes actually happens!!!

Juice: And another song, "I'm Slowly Turning Into You", was based on one of Michel Gondry's video treatments. Interesting!
Jack: Well, Michel Gondry [who has directed four of the band's videos] told us he had a great idea for a video but it could only be made with a two-piece band. And of course he wanted to do it with us, his favourite two-piece band! (laughs) The video starts off with me walking, followed by 98 actors who look a little less like me and a little more like Meg, with Meg trailing at the end as the 100th person. So I wrote the song based on that video treatment. And then I wrote to him to tell him and he said, "I love it! It's backwards!" (laughs)

Juice: We love it too. Any chance we might get to see that video soon?
Jack: He hasn't actually heard the song yet, but we recorded the song with some images in mind so he can hopefully get something out of that and film it finally.
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